Eric Smoodin

Professor, Programs in American Studies and Film Studies

University of California, Davis



  1. Judith Mayne · March 29, 2016

    I’ve wondered if the occupation-era cinĂ©-clubs really met as frequently as the magazines suggested. There are hardly any articles in either CinĂ©-Mondial or Vedettes with reports on club activities, and as you point out, the focus is more on the industry insiders who appeared at these meetings than on the fans who showed up. The fans were
    promised many opportunities beyond seeing and interacting with their favorites–screen tests, advice on how to write screenplays, and so on. Both magazines sponsored contests, and the reports on them (promising everything from free movie tickets to screen tests to roles in films) were detailed and effusive, making it even more surprising that the clubs didn’t get more attention.


  2. esmoodin · March 29, 2016

    Thanks for this, Judith! This is so interesting…and you’re right–in the issues of Cine-Mondial that I’ve seen, there’s really not much about the clubs at all. It’s quite possible that they really didn’t meet as much as it seemed…Would you have any interest in writing about this on the blog?


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